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VSEP delivers results that conventional separations technology systems can’t. Using Vibratory Shear Enhanced Processing (VSEP), this patented, fouling-resistant membrane filtration system makes conventional treatment systems obsolete – delivering sustained, precise separation in a single pass.


High Filtration Rates

VSEP filtration rates average ten times higher than competing separation technologies.

Fouling Resistance

VSEP’s patented vibratory shear process keeps the filter surface clean.

High Solids

Achieving high solids in a single pass simplifies processing.

High Efiiciency

VSEP’s energy-to-shear conversation rate is 99%

Engineered Dependability

Only two moving parts and a self-repairing membrane system eliminate costly downtime.

Compact Design

Only 16 square feet of floor space replaces systems 10 to 100 times larger.

Convenient Testing

From small sample testing to pilot simulation, we offer convenience.

Low Cost

Reduced energy, maintenance and processing time add up to low cost.